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Easy to Use

Upload your PDF easily, both from your Google Drive or Dropbox. The crop tool is super easy to use and lets you crop or resize pages that vary in consistency.

Crop PDF Pages Separately

Crop a PDF page separately smoothly. PDF files can also be merged into a single PDF which you can then share, send, review, and even archive.

Crop PDF Online in a Jiffy

Cropping PDF files will now be done in a jiffy with our online tool. Just upload your PDF and crop it as per your convenience.

Cross Platform PDF Cropper

Our PDF cropper supports all operating systems, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS. Therefore, crop your PDF not just from your computer but also your phone or tablet.

Automatically Trim PDF White Margins

Use the option of 'margin controls' to get rid of the white margins from your PDF. Set the page range to remove the white margins from the additional pages as well.

Specify Precise Crop Margins in Inches

To trim PDF pages, you can use the option to specify exactly how many inches you want to crop the margins in your PDF. Get neat and clean margins in your PDF.

How to Crop a PDF?

  • Upload your PDF file from your computer or phone to CocoDoc.
  • Crop your PDF file. You can modify the size of each page separately.
  • Click on the 'crop PDF' button after you have selected your margins and other modifications.
  • Download the cropped PDF to share, save, and more.

PDF Cropper FAQ

Is it safe to crop a PDF online?
CocoDoc's cropping PDF files services are absolutely safe and secure. All the files are deleted from our server within the next 24 hours. You will neither have to sign up nor create a new account before a conversion. Your privacy is our primary responsibility.
What are the supported browsers and devices?
CocoDoc supports various devices and browsers. The supported browsers include Mac, Windows, Linux, and the supported devices like Android or Apple.
Can I undo a cropped PDF?
A cropped PDF can be undone if you wish to make more modifications or undo the previous ones. Just use the 'set to zero' button to reset the margins to the original page dimensions.

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